A Practical Guide for MAC Address recognition, after a payment has been made, skipping the registration

How to:

  1. Let the unregistered users, access the Welcome Portal and give them the opportunity to purchase a product through a Payment Gateway or a Voucher by automatically skipping the registration, without having to press the “register” button.
  2. After the first registration and purchase, log in automatically
  3. If afterwards the user connects to the WiFi, he should not be returned to the Welcome Portal but surf directly
  4. If the customer has expired or ran out of time/traffic, send him back to the Welcome Portal, automatically recognizing him and passing him to the recharging (purchase of a new product)
  5. After purchasing the recharge, perform the automatic login

Operating procedure to properly configure your HSNM Hotspot Manager

Step 1

On the Currency and Payment Systems, enter the credentials (SOPG and not RESTFUL API). Applicable only in case you are using a payment gateway.
In the configuration of the gateway (it must be MikroTik):
Expand the Fields for Configuring the Gateway, on Authentication Options enable “Authentication via MAC-address”

Step 2

On the Domain, set:

  • Authentication mode “With registration by the user”
  • Expand the Data to Customize Users Registration session, on both “Request the Username” and “Request the Password”, select “No. Use MAC-address”
  • Enable the “Auto-login at Registration or Recharge”
  • Always on Data to Customize Users Registration, disable all the remaining fields so as not to ask for further details from users.

Step 3

Expand the Device Recognition session

  • On Recognize the user based on the device, select “Yes, hide the fields username and password
  • Enable “Switch Automatically to Registration”
  • Enable “Switch Automatically to Recharge”
  • Enable “Disable Multiple Registrations”

Step 4

Expand the Products for the Domain session and define the products that users can purchase and their sales prices