Quick Start Guide
About This Manual

The scope of this document includes the step-by-step instructions required to run your HSNM Virtual Machine for testing purposes or production environment.


The installers need to have basic knowledge about network installation, TCP/IP protocol and virtual environment. Also, they need to have the ability to configure IP addressing on a PC and to set up and control products using a web browser interface.


The specific requirements applicable to HSNM must be gained by reading this user guide and performing sample setups at their lab before live deployments.

Conventions and Styles

This manual uses styles, fonts and symbols specific to the context in order to facilitate the reading and then create a symbolic association with the capabilities of the product.
Before you start using this guide, it is important to understand the terms and typographical conventions used in the documentation.

  • Keyboard sequences, edit boxes, buttons you must press are shown in bold. Example: “Press Enter or click the Login button”.
  • Menu or sub-menu paths are separated by the “>” symbol. Example: “Select Documentation > Administration Manual is equivalent to “Open the Administration Manual under the Documentation menu”.
  • Title-style capitalization is used consistently for menu and menu item titles throughout the system.
  • Links appear in blue, whether underlined or not.

The following icons are used as visual cues to draw attention to important information.

Means pay attention and take note of the helpful suggestions. In some places, to study or to highlight some crucial aspects, notes have this side note icon and this background.

Indicates caution, it means be careful. If this information is ignored, it could cause possible and irreversible damage.