Technical Partner Training
Authentication Methods

This is the most important setting on domain and it defines the type of registration to the hotspot service.
There are many methods and you have to choose one:
Click & connect. No registration, no password: allows the user to navigate without the need to register
Simple password. No registration: is very similar to the previous but in the login page of the hotspot service, it differs in requiring the password to the user
SMS sent by the user: allows the end user to register to the hotspot service by simply sending an SMS to the number of SIM present on HSNM USB modem
User self-service registration: user will be able to register itself to the service by filling in the fields in a registration form accessible by clicking the “Register” button present in the log in page
Registration by operator: end users are not able to register itself and there must be someone (like the receptionist of a hotel) that create credentials for end users.