Administrator Manual
Fleet GPS Tracking & Telemetry

The HSNM Hotspot Manager is also equipped with a number of features (By purchasing the relevant license) for tracking & telemetry of fleet vehicles. As for HotSpot/PPPoE networks, it is possible to take advantage of all the “Multi Tenant” features to manage n fleets divided by retailer and manager on which to define:

  • The options with notifications
  • The vehicles
  • The drivers
  • The Geofencing
  • The journeys
  • The permitted times of use
  • The events generated by journeys
  • The telemetry data

Location and telemetry data are sent from HSNM-compatible devices installed on vehicles that can detect information by also connecting to the “OBD2” or “CAN Bus” interface.

By accessing with a system user with special permissions, it is possible to view and manage the entire fleet on a map, displaying the position for each vehicle in real time. Furthermore, a time graph can also show the speed, altitude, direction, engine revolutions, temperatures, the eco score given by braking / acceleration / excessive curves, etc.

If a HotSpot gateway is connected to the vehicle, the location of the gateway is automatically updated. In this way you can view any advertising campaigns based on GPS location. It can be useful for example on a tourist bus or a taxy to advertise commercial activities or provide information about monuments, museums, etc., when the vehicle is nearby.

Vehicle tracking can also be used autonomously without the use of HotSpot or PPPoE networks. To do this, simply disable in system users the “Internet Gateways Module” in the “User permissions” panel and under the “Multi tenant” panel.
This allows customers to be offered autonomous tracking services with a more straightforward interface without all the data and options related to HotSpot and PPPoE gateways.