Administrator Manual
Managing Vouchers

Vouchers are tickets, complimentary or sold by the managers, which represent a product and can be used in the payment procedure available to users during registration or recharge phase.

Very often users interrupt the registration process when they face the payment moment, as they want to avoid the use of credit cards. Vouchers avoid the use of credit or debit cards, significantly increasing the percentage of users who complete the registration or recharging.

The use of vouchers from users is very simple. Operations that they will have to perform are the following:

  • Select as payment form “Buy through voucher”;
  • Enter the code printed on your voucher.

By accessing to the page from the context dropdown menu of the domain, you will be displayed the list of groups of vouchers that have already been generated and for each row you will be shown: the product; the creation date; the number of vouchers still to be used by users.

Warning! Creating new vouchers can be limited by the value set in the “maximum number of voucher/card” field defined in the data of the manager. For further details, please refer to the “ The Managers” paragraph.

The Context Dropdown Menu

On the right of each record, you will be displayed the context properties button that allows you to view the context dropdown menu for the group of vouchers.

The “Edit” Section

Contains the following options:

Option Description
 Delete Deletes all the vouchers of the group not yet used.

The “Admin” Section

Contains the following options:

Option Description
 Export data Allows you to export the data of the generated vouchers full of: company name of the manager;


  • product;
  • price;
  • voucher code;
  • language;
  • ID domain.

For further details, please refer to the “ Tools for Managing Data” page.

 Print Allows you to print the vouchers.
By choosing this option, it opens a page with the vouchers that have not been used yet, used or both, depending on the choice active in “Show” command in the command bar.
Always in the command bar the “New page” combo box lets you choose the page jumping for printing the vouchers with the following options: for every card; for every five vouchers; for every 5 vouchers on two columns.
The print button opens the print preview window of the browser from where you can send the print to the printer.

Adding or Editing

To generate a new group of vouchers, click the button “Add voucher” on the upper right of the command bar. A page appears that will allow you to manage the following fields:

General Data

Field Description
Domain Select the domain for which you have to generate the vouchers. It can be useful if there is more than one domain in the manager. You will be proposed the domain selected in the data area.
Product Product to be associated with the vouchers. The price of the product is represented in brackets.In white you are displayed the products specific for the manager, in light blue the products specific for the reseller and in brown the general products.
Price Sales price to be printed on the vouchers.
Quantity Number of vouchers to be generated for the selected product.The maximum number of vouchers that can be generated for each process is imposed to one thousand.
Print language Language with which you want that vouchers are printed.

The Command Bar

Contains the following buttons:

Button Description
Graphic Customization Allows to access the graphic customization of vouchers as described below.
Create Vouchers Start the vouchers creating process.
When completed, a list will be displayed. The first group of vouchers is the one that you have just created.Warning, depending on the amount you choose, the generation could take even a few minutes.

The creation of purchase transactions for the vouchers (value that the manager has to compensate the reseller and the reseller will have to compensate the administrator) will be automatically performed by the system in a diferred manner, that is when a user uses the voucher.

The user of a domain user can use a voucher created in another domain if the domains are federated and the code type is the same for the domains’ vouchers.