Printer Configuration Manual
About This Manual PRINTER


This manual is primarily for network and system administrators who are implementing HSNM Hotspot Manager to provision guest access on their networks.
The installer needs to have basic knowledge about network installation, TCP/IP protocol and virtual environment. The specific requirements, applicable to HSNM, must be gained by reading this manual and by performing setups and tests before live deployments.


The scope of this document includes all the information required to configure and administer HSNM Printer.

Styles and Icons

This manual uses styles, fonts, typographical conventions and symbols specific to the context in order to facilitate the reading and then create a symbolic association with the capabilities of the product. The icons used are those present on the pages and in the context dropdown menu of the configuration.

The following icons are used as visual cues to draw attention to important information.

Means pay attention and take note of the helpful suggestions. In some places, in order to study or to highlight some important aspects, notes have this side note icon and this background.

Indicates caution. If this information is ignored, it could cause possible and irreversible damage.


The table below shows on the left the abbreviations used in this manual and their meaning on the right.


Term Meaning
Card It is a card, generated by a special procedure of HSNM, containing a username and a password to use to log in. To the user, it is linked also a product defined in phase of generation.
Firmware It is the system software uploaded in the printer.
HSNM Printer Printer for HSNM. It is a printer integrated with HSNM, able to create and print Cards and Vouchers.
There are two printer models, the model 5000 (supplied until June 2018, no longer in production) that allows LAN and WiFi connections and the model 6000 that allows WiFi and GPRS.
Voucher It’s a prepaid token associated with a HSNM product that contains a GUID. During registration or recharging, the user, at the payment by selecting voucher, will be asked for the GUID, therefore avoiding the payment by credit card.