Administrator Manual
User Traffic Logs

This page, available at the Gateway level, allows you to view the log files of the user traffic of the single Gateway. As described for the “ Log of the User Traffic” option of the “Admin” tab, the files contain the information of the traffic generated by users so that you can carry out any checks, inspections and lawful interceptions.

In order to have the data for single gateway, in the “Enable Log” field of the gateway configuration, you have to define the “enabled with separate recording” option.
If this field, you define “Enabled”, the gateway logs will be stored in a file that is common to all gateways and visible only by the administrators of the system

Warning! If in the network, you have configured multiple HSNMs in Round Robin, files may be distributed in the various HSNMs. To get the complete data of the user traffic, it is necessary to access the individual HSNM and display the contents of all of them.