Administrator Manual
What is HSNM?

HSNM is a unique system, complete and easy to configure/manage. It meets all professional/enterprise requirements for centralized management (user profile and creation, authentication using even social networks, memorization of the user traffic logs, customized Apps, advertising with proximity marketing, etc.) of hotspots, hot zones, internet points, PPPoE networks, city/municipal networks, etc. In addition, unique in its kind, it also manages resale and technical administrative processes with custom lists, discounts, a summary of services sold/provided, etc.
HSNM is configurable and adaptable to all professional needs of ISP, WISP, telephone operators, system integrators, managers, etc. and by using read/write API is also integrable with external procedures such as management programs and pre-existent applications.

The system can be divided into two parts:

  • The management of:
  1. The networks (Hotspots and PPPoE)
  2. Advertising on Hotspot networks
  3. Fleet GPS Tracking & Telemetry
  • The user interface.